Family Promise

Every year 13 area churches host 1-6 families for one week, 4 times a year in their Parish Halls. We are such a church.

By setting up temporary walls in those church  halls, we provide rooms, showers, and meals we allow families-in-transition to get back on their feet, save for their own place, and restore their pride.

2 Responses to Family Promise

  1. Donna Davidson says:

    My mother lives near your church at ************* drive. She does not have a car and has nobody to help her. I live in Texas and my husband had a stroke and with everything I have to deal with it makes it hard to help my mother. Mom’s health is bad and she has lots of problems and feels all alone. She is a shut-in and it would be so nice if somebody in your church could go by and have prayer with her or a group of ladies could come and have a bible study or drive her to get groceries sometimes. Anything really would lift her spirits! Her name is Wanda and her phone # is ***********. Before all this happened she helped a lot of people. She loved to visit nursing homes and people in prison or shut ins and now when she needs somebody to do these things for her, nobody seems to care. I do hope that somebody will have compassion on her and try to help in some small way. My heart breaks for my mom and her current situation. Can you please help?
    Thank you and God bless you,

    • St. Mary's says:

      Hello Donna,
      Our Priest is Father Matt Dollhausen, and he will call your mother, Wanda, to make arrangements to visit her.
      There is such a need for love, care and attention for many people in the same situation as your mother.
      We will do what we can to help her and to show her God’s love.
      Thank you for alerting us to your/her needs.
      God Bless you.

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